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GGC is committed to being an equal opportunities employer.  As March 8th is International Women’s Day, we’ve been celebrating the achievements and contributions of all of our female employees.

Below, Team Leaders Filomena Mollo and Monica Tortora share their thoughts on their career at Generale Gestione Crediti and what International Women’s Day means to them.

Filomena Mollo

Team Leader – Customer Care

“We are part of a team, working together to achieve the same goals”

I’m a Team Leader in the Customer Care Area at Generale Gestione Crediti which means that I speak with customers on a daily basis in order to receive information, help them with their contracts and keep them informed about any changes with their cases. This is the part of my job that I love the most, I really like being supportive and helpful to our customers.  As a Team Leader, it’s my responsibility to develop my team members in their roles as customer care operators; this is the most challenging but also the more rewarding part of my role.

Thanks to this role, I have had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with my team, and also to improve my own skills: flexibility, ability to work under pressure and problem solving. One year ago, the company selected me as an intern which meant that I had the opportunity to learn a lot about credit recovery, including experience of the managerial oversight.

GGC gave me the chance to get to know and appreciate the world of customer care. I am really happy working in this area.  I’d say the strength of our company lies in the ability to motivate its employees and to make them feel part of a team, working together to achieve the same goals. I believe that women have a lot to contribute to the corporate world.  Our best weapon is courage, and my wish for International Women’s Day is for all women – but especially working women – to become more courageous every day; in taking risks, in team-building, in helping each other and in winning together.

Monica Tortora

Team Leader – Phone Collection  

“At GGC women have the opportunity to grow professionally and develop themselves”

I am a Collections Officer at Generale Gestione Crediti. My main duties are speaking to customers over the phone, processing payment plans and scheduling payments. I enjoy my job and it makes me very proud when I achieve important goals that the company set for me.

I have learnt a lot of new skills at GGC and have become more flexible and able to work under pressure, even when I have a more challenging workload.

As a result of this progress, I have been given a new opportunity to grow professionally and work closely with the supervisors and I am excited to start a new chapter as a Team Leader.

This role gives me a new challenge every single day which allow me to improve my organisational and interpersonal skills.  Our management team is very supportive which encourages us to aim high.  Although we all have individual goals, we’re a strong team and we all work hard to succeed.

I think we should take time to remember women’s achievements throughout history on International Women’s Day.  Michelle Obama said “There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish” and I personally find that quite inspirational.

Women should be encouraged to pursue their dreams and grow professionally and it’s good when we support one another to achieve this.

It’s very satisfactory to see other women in management positions because they provide a good role model for everyone else, and prove what women are capable of. Our company is a good example of this as we have a female MD and other senior managers.  At GGC women have the opportunity to grow professionally and develop themselves.